Pilot Study of a Modular Music Intervention: A First Evaluation of the Use of Basic Elements of Music to Support Interaction Between Family Caregivers and Their Relatives With Dementia

Tabea Thurn
Melanie Voigt
Thomas Wosch


It is often difficult for family caregivers of people with severe dementia to deal with the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) affecting their relative. These symptoms can lead to challenging situations in everyday life, which can be stressful. The modularmusic intervention MusicKit can be used in such situations. It aims to support contact and familyties, to make communication possible, and to support activities of daily living. In a training course, family caregivers can learn to use musical elements as a bridge to the inner world of the irrelatives with dementia. This article introduces the intervention MusicKit and shares the results of a pilot study. It was found that MusicKit can help people cope with challenging situations caused by BPSD. This can then improve quality of life.