Sonas: A Pilot Study Investigating the Effectiveness of an Intervention for People With Moderate to Severe Dementia

C. Hutson
M. Orrell
O. Dugmore
A. Spector


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of Sonas, a group intervention involving multisensory stimulation, reminiscence, and light physical activity. METHODS: A total of 39 participants with moderate to severe dementia were randomized to receive either 14 sessions of Sonas or treatment as usual. Measures such as quality of life (QoL), communication, depression, anxiety, and behavioral disturbance were administered at baseline and follow-up. RESULTS: No statistically significant results were found. However, participant attendance to sessions was good (mean = 12.4 sessions of 14 offered). CONCLUSIONS: Sonas sessions did not lead to improvements in QoL and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.