Pedagogy for Teaching for Engagement

Pedagogy for Teaching for Engagement


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Drew Schrader, M.Ed. is a School Program Manager. He has worked to help educators across a wide range of contexts redesign their systems around deeper learning for all students with a particular focus on project-based learning and authentic assessment. Prior to working at Challenge Success, he served as the Director of Assessment and a School Development Coach for New Tech Network. He was also a founding teacher and local teacher advocate at The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship in Bloomington, IN.

Presentation Description

The need for teaching strategies that authentically engage students – without solely relying on grades – has always been critical and more so as we emerge from the current pandemic. In this session, participants will interact with an array of pedagogical approaches to guide this work.

Pre-Session Materials

Browse some of the exercises Challenge Success has curated in their Toolkit for Engagement.

Post-Session Exercise

DREW'S EXERCISE: Try planning one upcoming lesson with a particular eye towards each of the information processing phases:

  • Ignite
  • Chunk
  • Chew
  • Review

Feel free to use ideas from the Toolkit to plan your lesson!


information processing; lesson planning

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Pedagogy for Teaching for Engagement