Musical Alchemy: Towards Production Mastery

Musical Alchemy: Towards Production Mastery


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The purpose of my project is to develop my skills as a music producer. Analysing what a great. producer does, and for what reasons, to turn music into gold, and practising the skills required, supports my professional aspirations of becoming a sought-after producer and studio musician. As well as conducting research on great producers, I recorded and produced twelve songs sung by seven different artists across a range of genres, and sought feedback from the artists and engineers I worked with. During the process of reflecting on each production experience and applying what I learned to the next one, I discovered that the role of the producer is varied and complex, requiring a wide range of skills over and above musicality and technical competence. As well as developing my own production skills and bringing original music from new artists to the profession, I hope that what I discovered during this early stage of my journey towards production mastery will help other aspiring producers better understand the nature and challenges of the role and the range of skills likely to be required to become a great producer.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; production skills; musical alchemy; artistic decisions; Pro Tools


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Musical Alchemy: Towards Production Mastery