Iranian Fusion Music

Iranian Fusion Music


Mohammad Keivan


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Following my musical background and my proposal, I’ve done my best to record some of my compositions in order to show my goals in fusion music style. In fact, I’ve managed to write my pieces showing some details, such as Iranian scales, folk melodies, and microtones. Having said that, these pieces are the keys for me to reach the new colors in my composition and in this style. Namely, Iranian Fusion Music. In fact, Iranian music, especially folk music in my country, is monotone and without harmony. That is to say, when we listen to Iranian music we can realize that there is not reharmonization for melodies and these themes play just simple bass lines or some of the music ranges like alto or soprano. According to this background of Iranian music I’ve managed to create a new vision to recompose folk themes, Iranian scales, and rhythms. For this, I used contemporary harmony like jazz voicing in my composition to reharmonize of Iranian melodies. I should mention that I used some Iranian scales in order to create new pieces in fusion music styles like CHARGAH and HOMAYOUN. I also tried to use some contemporary music styles in my composition.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: scores (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents).

Iranian Fusion Music