Cantes Libres

Cantes Libres


Alba Haro



Cantes Libres aims to be a musical proposal inspired by Flamenco tradition with the will to reflect my trajectory, approach and concern for music, art or any manifestation that evokes reflection, inspiration and growth to create my own musical discourse through the cello. An instrument that comes from classical tradition and needs to be released. Analyzing references and looking into tradition and musical languages that inspires me the most leads me to look for new technical resources to achieve that new voice. Word and poetry also take an important role for my speech that goes beyond the music. The sum of this search in tradition and subsequently adapting the necessary technical resources, lead to a creative component where composition, performance and recording come together to become three new songs where my cello and my voice merge. To this end I rely on two pillars such as the case study and the Performative Research. The result is a proposal that combines gender references, different cultures and search at the roots in order to build a new voice. Three songs born from the concern to communicate with my own language.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.mp4), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files), videos (ZIP file containing 2 .mp4 files), scores (ZIP file containing 2 .pdf documents).

Cantes Libres