Songwriting as a Healing Experience

Songwriting as a Healing Experience



The purpose of my project is to explore the use of songwriting and music composition as a healing tool. By analyzing and reflecting on my own journey, it will help me not only to improve my skills as a songwriter and composer, but also to be able to create a healing experience for me and for others through my art. Firstly, I researched similar works, and about the healing aspect of music and Music Therapy. Through the process, I broadened my knowledge of the history, writing techniques and healing tools that were available for me to incorporate into my creative process. I further discovered the relationship between modes and emotions. In the second stage, I incorporated elements of other compositions from various artists, that were part of my research and analysis, into my own compositions. Three original songs were recorded and analyzed to explain how the whole process was a healing experience for me, for the other artists that collaborated in my project, and anyone who has the chance to listen to the compositions. My proposal is that we use songwriting and music composition mindfully, honoring the healing powers of sounds and words. I hope this will help others in their own healing journeys.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; composition; auto-ethnography; songwriting; healing


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files), videos (ZIP file containing 4 .mp4 files), scores (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf documents),

Songwriting as a Healing Experience