Alfonso: Forging the Future Through my Past

Alfonso: Forging the Future Through my Past


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This project intends to reimagine the music of my great uncle and composer Alfonso Quesada Hidalgo and link it with my experience and knowledge in contemporary and popular music styles with the goal to develop my own artistic voice and apply it to future work. Within this work, I will refer to my relationship with contemporary music and my Costa Rican heritage through the figure of Alfonso. I have applied case study research to Alfonso’s background and his work as a composer and writer, and creative research to the recreation of his song Sonata del Viento. The key elements considered were: the arrangement, reharmonization, instrumentation, and interpretation of the composition. It is my hope that this project will contribute to contemporary Latin-American and Costa Rican music as well as create professional opportunities through dissemination and pedagogical strategies.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Costa Rican Music; Contemporary; Tambito; Pasillo; Heritage; Identity; Alfonso


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio file (.wav), score (.pdf).

Alfonso: Forging the Future Through my Past