MUSIC - DANCE - SCIENCE: The Development of the Artistry and Mission of ABØN

MUSIC - DANCE - SCIENCE: The Development of the Artistry and Mission of ABØN



“The Development of the Artistry and Mission of Abøn” explores the creation of an artistic identity through a multidisciplinary approach that combines music, dance, film, visual arts, storytelling and science. This paper discusses how the character of Abøn was built through the connections I found within each field of passion and study, and the resulting vehicle in which to express my artistry. I speak of my upbringing, my studies in dance and science, and moments of crisis which were the driving forces of my identity and ultimate sources of inspiration. Research consisted of self-ethnography; exploring past creative works and journals; field research; conversations with scientists and physicists; action performative research; assembly of elements in composition, arrangement, recording, connection of movement, choreography, storyboard concepts, artwork, and videography. I explore the execution of my development through a cycle of original music I call “Talon”. Talon is a concept and storyline which aims to re-enchant the world in wonder and connect us to nature and the stars. The musical experience is complemented by visual artwork as well as compositions for dance on film with a foundation in the science of sound. These compositions serve to transition from one song to the next, and take the listener on a “Hero’s Journey” through sound. I will discuss four pieces from this song cycle which I chose to release on the digital stage, serving as the first presentation of Abøn. I highlight the skills and experience gained from this transformative graduate program at Berklee, and discuss my professional plans for the future of my artistic career as Abøn.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


identity; multidisciplinary; character; storytelling; dance; music; science; physics; sound science; creativity; collaboration


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files), videos (ZIP file containing 4 .mp4 files), scores (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf documents).

MUSIC - DANCE - SCIENCE: The Development of the Artistry and Mission of ABØN