Approaching the Qanun from a Different Perspective

Approaching the Qanun from a Different Perspective


Omran Adrah



This project aims to develop musical opportunities and increase the popularity of the Qanun worldwide, as part of my goal of creating cooperation between Qanun players and western musicians, so the Qanun becomes a key to decode the different genres of music. Previous examples have proved this idea to be possible: Turkish bands “Taksim Trio” and “Secret Trio”, who are influenced by jazz, blues and Gypsy music and enrich the art scene. In this project, I take inspiration from styles of music (like Afro-Cuban, Jazz and Flamenco) unfamiliar to the instrument’s tradition by the restatement of known songs, and adapt them to Qanun playing style. This is done by analyzing each tune and rearranging it, underscoring the role of Qanun over those tunes. In addition, I compose one song inspired by those styles and my musical background as part of an EP recording. Through this process, I have explored different techniques that have contributed to the development of my musical vocabulary. By approaching these styles from the Qanun perspective, I intend to make an artistic contribution so others can take advantage of the way in which I have worked. I look forward to developing a special method in musical thinking and arrangement for the future of the Qanun players who want to perform Western Contemporary Music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Adapting; Performative Research; EP; Composition; Flamenco; Jazz; Oriental


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files), video (.mp4).

Approaching the Qanun from a Different Perspective