Silent Travellers

Silent Travellers


Abhisek Ghosh



In this project, I tried to create, learn and grow as an artist. Through years of music explorations as a singer, teacher, performer, and radio artist, music has been my life. In this culminating experience, I composed five songs, arranged and recorded them, produced and performed them, all in collaborations with students of different departments of my college. I was able to create an original script along with these five songs and created a body of work close to a musical film or story. I used a unique and contemporary approach to rehearse and shape my work with the musicians to describe my artistic view going beyond lead sheets and going deeper into experiencing the mood of the songs. Emotions were growing and glowing with my collaborators during this creative process and I felt a learning experience mixed with professionalism at the same time. Yes, Silent Travellers is a science fiction musical film/story and has different genres of music including pop, rock, Indian classical, jazz influences, flamenco inspirations, also has collaborative research and self-ethnography blended with creative research based on action research, but one of the best ingredients was a deep bond of love.

Publication Date



Valencia (Spain) Campus


Musical Film; Mixed genres; Rock; Pop; Flamenco Guitar; Indian Music; Science Fiction; Collaborations; Love


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), performance video (.mp4), audio files (ZIP file containing 6 .wav files), lead sheets (ZIP file containing 5 .pdf douments).

Silent Travellers