Korean Folklore and Musical Narrative

Korean Folklore and Musical Narrative


Robert A. Lee


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The purpose of the project is to create a body of work that represents my artistic identity. I transformed traditional Korean folktales into original compositions while incorporating various genres and styles learnt during my time at Berklee Valencia. Firstly, I studied various genres of music, ranging from Flamenco to traditional Korean drumming. As well, I analyzed the works of notable film composers such as Joe Hisaishi to incorporate the same narrative storytelling that their music derives from. I then selected a number of stories and then composed, recorded, and released several pieces of music inspired by these folktales. I completed 7 pieces of music and explained in each piece how I incorporated elements of my objectives into each original composition. I hope this project furthers my own artistic identity while demonstrating how storytelling and music can evoke an emotional response.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


jazz; upright bass; composition; creative project


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 7 .wav files), videos (ZIP file containing 2 .mp4 files), scores (ZIP file containing 7 .pdf documents).

Korean Folklore and Musical Narrative