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The main purpose of my project was to realize my dream of making an album with friends from all over the world, and by doing that gain insight into the process of building a collective of creatives. I documented the entire process of the making of the album, and I describe how slowly a collective of creative people, based all over the planet, started to form. Besides that, I analysed how two of my musical inspirations, Michael League and Derek Trucks, built their collectives, and how got those groups to where they are today. I did the latter by finding answers to the following questions in their interviews: - Where to start? - How to choose the people to work with? - How to be a good band leader? For the documentation of the process of making my album and the start of my own collective, I used reflections from the answers to the questions above, that I found in the interviews with Michael League and Derek Trucks. The project challenged me in many ways, but I learned a lot through the process of creating the album. I was also inspired by the words of Michael League and Derek Trucks, as I found useful information in their interviews about collective creation and collaboration.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


collective; collaboration; album; word music; pop; recording; band leader; songs


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 9 .wav files), leadsheets (.pdf), lyrics (.pdf), promotional video (.mp4).

Out of Shadows