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The objective of this project is to help me forge my artistic identity. This has always been linked to the origins of music as a language, whose main purpose was to connect people and create a strong sense of community and belonging. This is why I have been always interested in Folklore, although until now I had not had the chance to learn the tradition from where my family comes from: Flamenco, which I wanted to incorporate to my own language. Therefore, this Project is displayed by one original composition and two arrangements within the language of Flamenco Jazz. For this I took three steps: first, I studied the main styles of Flamenco and analyzed the role of percussion in them; second, I researched contemporary female composers and their stories; and last, I analyzed the style of Jazz Fusion with other genres, from where I extracted a method that I applied afterwards to my own arrangements and compositions. This Project will also set the basis for my upcoming Project which aims to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the World Music offering my perspective and making it reach the new generations, and give voice to all these female composers.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.mp4), recordings (ZIP file containing 1 .mp4 files, 1 .mp3 file, 1 .wav file), lead sheets (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf documents).

Embracing Mediterranean Roots: Flamenco Jazz Through Female Voices