Heading to Life

Heading to Life


Peiwei Xu



My Culminating Experience is based on the methodology which is called practice-led research. So I paid more attention to learn and practice new knowledge for me, and explored my music and develop my drumming in Berklee as a beginner player. Then I divided my CE into three factors: recording, playing and producing. In recording part, I recorded others as an assistant and myself a lot as an engineer. In playing part, I learned jazz and latin, and also some rudiments. In term of producing, I did three songs as delivery. One of them is a trap music, I put all my playing skills in that, another one is a pop song which I almost did everything in producing like composing, arranging and recording, I played drums and sang the vocal by myself. Then the last one is a Indie and alternative song, I composed it by 7/8 beats, then I developed a lot when playing 7/8 beats on drums. They are totally different styles and I wish they will show you how I approach music from a different perspective and what I have learned at Berklee.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Practice-based research; Action research; Recording; Composition; EP


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 1 .wav file, 2 .mp3 files), score (.pdf).

Heading to Life