Meditative Music of 432 Hz

Meditative Music of 432 Hz


Jae Hyung Nho


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Project 432Hz is to produce the self-portrait album of nhoj (Jae Hyung Nho), a guitarist and composer from Seoul, South Korea. After the experience of the meditation with 432Hz, I experienced and captured a story and it is about life that I saw. Four different parts represents each stage of life as the inspiration of the story, the reaction to the meditating trip of frequency 432Hz itself. Artist’s thoughts, philosophy, dream, and the breath are recorded in musical form. It is meditative music in my own style. Not like other meditative music, one piece of the project contains lyrics. It controls the flow and dynamics for the listener. As Swami Rama said, “meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness to be apart that is totally different from the normal waking state”, and I will add lyrics in one song so the listener can be in meditation and be awake for a bit and meditate again till the end of the project. The project paints his perception of life of conscience and the inspiration will be encoded into music and to be recorded with the sound. Sound of 432Hz represents the breath of life, and it is the core of the project. The project will reflect the gnawing and anguish of the artist’s view towards life of conscience and his philosophy. All of the sound are composed, played and recorded by nhoj (Jae Hyung Nho) for his first album.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 1 .wav file, 1 .png file), chord charts (ZIP file containing 5 .pdf files).

Meditative Music of 432 Hz