Head of A&R for Disrupción Records


Head of A&R for Disrupción Records


Tyler Appleby



This culminating experience showcases the work that Tyler Appleby completed as the Head of Artists and Repertoire for Disrupción Records during the 2021-2022 academic year. From co-creating and operating six imprints, to leading all A&Rs through scouting, signing, development, and release processes, and learning how to be an effective leader in the A&R space, this culminating experience project details every aspect of Tyler’s role. Key objectives, resources, tasks, risks, outcomes, and challenges are all elaborated upon, while a detailed GANTT Chart timeline is included to present how Tyler’s experience occurred throughout his tenure as Head of A&R. All releases and signed artists are also presented, with details as to how Tyler was involved with them.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


artists and repertoire; A&R; record label; record practicum; disrupción records; operational project; slide deck; imprint; independent label

Head of A&R for Disrupción Records