Externship for Midem Artist Accelerator

Externship for Midem Artist Accelerator


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I received the opportunity to work as an extern for the Midem Conference. The position was with a particular arm of the conference called the “Midem Artist Accelerator”, which invites 12 bands from around the world to learn from top industry executives as well as perform at the associated Midem festival. Because of its close alignment with my professional goals and interests in the music industry, I accepted the offer to work as an extern. The details of this externship are the topic of this paper, as this job was my Culminating Experience. Below, I will describe the Midem Accelerator, the job position, expectations for this position, as well as the work that I completed.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Externship for Midem Artist Accelerator