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Latin America is the favored destination for new branches of global firms in the music market, particularly those involved with music streaming, as a result of the internationalization of Latin Music and the accelerated and sustained growth of the region over the last decade. The entry of global corporations as music aggregators, publishing administration services, or digital service providers reveals the attention that LATAM has drawn to itself as a result of its performance in growth rates, broadband and smartphone penetration. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to put an end to the region's persistent expansion, having a significant influence on sales in other music industry sectors such as live entertainment and leaving a huge amount of musicians without occupation. However, what appeared to be a threat to the region's long-term prosperity may now be the definitive catalyst towards legitimate digital consumption in a context where piracy has always been a systemic problem. The most pressing challenge in the current setting is determining how companies involved in music streaming operations may embrace the potential possibilities arising in the region as a result of this phenomena.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


LATAM; Streaming; Digital Service Providers; Infrastructure; COVID-19; Digitalization; Playlists

The Evolution of LATAM’s Music Streaming Market (2019 - 2021): Data & Qualitative Analysis