The Escape

The Escape


Roberto Acosta



The Escape is based on a journey by a Cuban Rafter, rowing to America in search of freedom and the pursuit of their dreams. This Rafter happens to be my father. In Cuba, He felt trapped. He felt that he couldn't aspire to much, and he felt that he was wasting away. In 1993 he made the decision to end his chapter of life in Cuba and sought to create a new start for himself, for his future children and grandchildren. The only obstacles were the Cuban Government and 90 miles of open sea. The Escape will inform you of the four waves of exodus pertaining to why Cubans fled and how, an interview from my father on how hard the journey he endured was with music and artworks amplifying his voyage, and lastly ending on the rafters that perished at sea. Their stories ended short. Their dreams of freedom, stolen away.

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Boston Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), charts (ZIP file containing 12 .pdf documents), interview (ZIP file containing one .m4a file and translation (.pdf)).

The Escape