Casper Jones: A Foundation For The Future

Casper Jones: A Foundation For The Future


Mason Paul


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This project aims to develop a professional music portfolio for Casper Jones while simultaneously constructing and executing a unique and memorable brand. In today’s digital age, an artist’s image and online presence is arguably just as important as the music they make. By tackling these two problems concurrently, this culminating experience builds a foundation for the music to live upon. Overall, it will be a showcase for record labels, managers and the music industry alike. The six songs that have been created are meant to live alone as singles. While they all are a little different in sonic idea and execution, they are an example of Casper’s progression and evolution as an artist. Casper’s brand is built to engage with fans while also creating an aura of mystery. The biggest takeaway for Casper after this year at Berklee is that the only formula for success is time, practice, and most importantly, failure. Hopefully this project will inspire other emerging artists to take a wholistic approach for their growth, and make choices with future endeavors and dreams in mind.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one research paper (.pdf), one presentation (.key), audio tracks (one ZIP file containing 6 .wav audio files), images (one ZIP file containing 8 .jpg files).

Casper Jones: A Foundation For The Future