PMP: The Creation of a New and Solid Artist

PMP: The Creation of a New and Solid Artist


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This culminating experience is about creating a body of work with songs composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Pedro Modrego Perelló under his stage name PMP in the time he is at Berklee College of Music - Valencia Campus. By doing this, PMP is going to establish himself as an artist, as this will make him develop his own and distinctive sound, discover the direction of his music and have a catalogue of different songs that will be scheduled to be released after Berklee, in order to build a fanbase by putting music out on a monthly basis. By working this way, PMP is going to grow himself and help his own label SUPRMODE grow with him. The final deliverables are five single tracks which focus on two main musical genres: Bass Music (Electronic Dance Music) and Urban Music (Hip-Hop/RnB). During this process, special emphasis has been put on sound design and originality, and new musical challenges have been pursued.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Bass Music; Urban Music; Electronic Dance Music; Ableton; Sound Design

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one reflection paper (.pdf), one presentation (.pdf), audio tracks (one ZIP file containing 5 .wav audio files).

PMP: The Creation of a New and Solid Artist