The Disturbed Calm

The Disturbed Calm



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The utilization of visual elements in a live music show has been proven to be significantly effective in the delivery of the content over the past decades. The synchronized video clips on the display can help the musicians enhance the emotional communication with the audience. This culminating experience has tried to integrate real-time and audio responsive software with visualizers and live shows. The goal is to ease the complications and expenses of visual effects in a musical event for an independent artist. In order to further develop as an artist, four music tracks have also been recorded and produced to showcase the visualizer. The music is about the personal experiences of the artist and political circumstance covering his home country, Iran.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one visualizer application (ZIP file), audio tracks (one ZIP file containing 4 .wav audio files).

The Disturbed Calm