Iter Musicis

Iter Musicis



This CE consists of an EP titled “Iter Musicis”, Latin for “Music trek”, which signifies a musical journey. As such, the scope of this project is to engage the listener in a melodious venture. This is done by combining the composer’s influences into a blend of progressive rock/metal, electronic, and classical music. In turn, the music is accompanied by oscilloscope visuals which are programmed using 3D modeling and sound design. The visuals accompanying the tracks revolve around the composer’s reflections on his own compositions and what imagery they bring forth when listened to by the artist. The tracks featured in this EP will be part of a full-length album. By completing this project, the composer has gained experience in composition, sound design, mixing, as well as 3D and 2D modeling.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


EP; Progressive rock; Progressive metal; 3D; 2D

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one presentation, resolume files (one ZIP file containing 1 .avc document and 1 .xml document)

Iter Musicis