Developing and Marketing a Songwriting Portfolio

Developing and Marketing a Songwriting Portfolio


Wyatt Cmar



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This CE project consists of a songwriting portfolio made up of twenty individually written and co-written pieces. These songs range between a number of different styles of music including pop, folk, indie-pop, and indie-rock. Their production styles similarly range from purely acoustic performances to fully in-the-box productions, making use of professional studio recording equipment as well as at-home production techniques. Each initial songwriting session lasted approximately two hours, and final production was performed within Ableton Live and Pro Tools. The development of these pieces has been accompanied by research concerning the best practices for songwriting, the state of the songwriting industry, as well as new opportunities for songwriters to compete in the current marketplace. This thesis should serve as a guideline to other songwriters interested in practicing the craft at a professional level.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


songwriting; music portfolio; sync; production music; creative project

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), songwriting portfolio (ZIP file containing 21 .wav audio files, 21 .pdf documents).

Developing and Marketing a Songwriting Portfolio