Behind the Rise: Chinese Hip-hop History Research

Behind the Rise: Chinese Hip-hop History Research


Yuhao Gao


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While hip hop music is considerably one of the most popular music genres in the United States, the hip-hop industry in China is only slowly merging to public starting from the late 2000s. The main purpose for this paper is to discover the history for hip hop industry in China and especially analyze reasons behind the rapid climb in the industry beginning from late 2017. There will include not only detailed historical data for Chinese hip-hop, but also promotion strategy and commercial operation analysis involved along the whole journey. The author collects the research data through multiple online sources like online traffic reports, social media, searching engine, etc...and gets in touch with many rising local artists to capture their opinions for the “Rising of Chinese hip-hop” as objectively as possible. This is the first time those history has been documented in English, and the author hopes to give readers outside the mandarin world a glimpse of what Chinese hip-hop industry has been developed so far.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


China; Hip-hop Industry; Research; Documentary

Project Components

Project Components: research paper (.pdf), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf).

Behind the Rise: Chinese Hip-hop History Research