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Cultural appropriation is a real issue in the music industry where artists take certain cultural attributes from different countries with the simple intention of making money. However, other artists use different characteristics of foreign musical cultures to enhance the meaning and story of their music. Even though their intentions were pure, these celebrities have unfairly received negative backlash from social media. Therefore, this dissertation will analyze, evaluate, define and push the vague definition of cultural appropriation. The origin, adverse effects, current definition, and areas of improvement will be discussed by creating a combination of musical compositions that use varying cultural attributes. After, opinions from different social spaced will be gathered and analyzed to create a new definition of cultural appropriation that can condemn the right celebrities.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

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Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pptx), audio tracks (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files).

Cultural appropriation. Limiting creativity