Ouch That Hurt! A Visual EP and Documentary

Ouch That Hurt! A Visual EP and Documentary


Rory McFadden



This culminating experience project consisted of a visual and collaborative Extended Play (referred to as “EP” henceforth) and a documentary of the process of creating a visual EP in its entirety. The most important part of the author’s culminating experience was a finished EP of three original songs. The author created visuals for each song, using a variety of different sources learned during her time at Berklee. The EP featured all original music written by the author and was a collaboration between instrumentalists, recording engineers, mixing and mastering engineers from Berklee. Additionally, each song featured a different analog or digital emulation synthesizer in order to expand the author's knowledge of music technology and of music history in the synth pop genre. The author chose to do an EP for her culminating experience project in order to expand her personal artistry, continue working on her songwriting, production and engineering, learn about new synthesizers, and to capture the entire process in an educational documentary in order to show how an EP is created from start to finish.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 2 .wav files, 1 .mp3 file), documentary video (.mp4), music videos (ZIP file containing 3 .mp4 files).

Ouch That Hurt! A Visual EP and Documentary