Hammock, An EP and Visuals about Ego and Success

Hammock, An EP and Visuals about Ego and Success


Michael Dodson


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This project seeks to produce a musical universe in the form of an Extended Play (EP) with seven songs and accompanying visuals. The EP is a concept album that is centered on themes of ego and success. This album blends rock, electronic, hip-hop, and storytelling. This project was recorded and mixed in the Berklee Valencia studios. First, a template was made for each part of the story and visual themes, and then the songs were recorded instrument by instrument. All the sounds, visuals, samples and music are original creations by the author of the project Michael Dodson. The author learned how to design sounds and visuals to represent thematic elements in the music. In the future, he will create a live show based around the EP. The show will feature live composing and live visuals.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; recording; composition

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), songs (ZIP file containing 7 .wav audio files), music video (ZIP file containing 2 .mp4 files), short story (.pdf).

Hammock, An EP and Visuals about Ego and Success