Master’s Engineering Portfolio


Master’s Engineering Portfolio


Austin Corely


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For my CE, I’d like to craft a Master’s Engineering Portfolio of 30-45 minutes of music that I will track, mix, and master myself. I will mostly be operating out of my established comfort zone - focusing on styles that I don’t typically produce, such as jazz, electronic, world, r&b, hip-hop, and acoustic singer-songwriter music. By exposing myself to new musical and technological frontiers, readjusting the way I listen, and finding new ways to translate emotions effectively from the mind of the artist, to the ear of the listener, I hope to build a portfolio that will show more than enough professional and artistic prowess to open doors to new opportunities all over the world, whether that may lead to working in top-tier studios, pursuing my education even further at another academic institution, or becoming a pedagogue myself.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one portfolio (ZIP file containing 18 WAVfiles), one presentation (ZIP file).

Master’s Engineering Portfolio