Uncle Ricky’s “It’s Me”

Uncle Ricky’s “It’s Me”


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A creative endeavor to build myself as an artists using hip-hop, funk, rock, soul and electronic influences in one. That includes six performance sets built in Ableton Live, live audio/visual performance set, branding, social media presence, website and portfolio that will be distributed to several electronic music labels. All of the samples used will be ripped from vinyl and chopped in a way that is my own. The main focus is to combine elements from Hip-hop, Funk, Electronic, Soul, movies samples and live instrumentation into a cohesive live set broken into six pieces that include a live band incorporating samples being triggered from the Ableton Push and visuals generated by Max MSP.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one paper (.pdf), one presentation (.key), max patch (one ZIP file containing one .maxpat file), ableton set project files (one ZIP file containing one .cfg file, one .amxd document, 16 .aiff audio files, 38 .asd files, 22 .wav audio files, one .als document, one .maxpat file).

Uncle Ricky’s “It’s Me”