The Making of Fantasia

The Making of Fantasia



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Fantasia is a project which represents an entire year's worth of education at the Valencia Campus of Berklee College of Music. To a bystander, this project could look very similar to many others we were assigned throughout the year, since it is not the first time we were asked to (potentially) choose a scene ourselves and rescore the music for it. However, the added pressure of knowing that this piece will be recorded in one of the best studios in the world combined with the knowledge that this piece is meant to represent all of our growth has turned this project into a completely new experience. And it is without a doubt the hardest thing I ever had to experience this year, and in this intense course it is surely saying something. I will go into more detail about the effects of the added pressure, but I can honestly say now that the experience has made me grow in both confidence and in my professional attitude.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

The Making of Fantasia