The Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Life


Ivana Ancic


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The purpose of this paper is to provide a self-reflection and summary of the whole experience gained during a one year Master Program in Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games (SFTV) at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. The Culminating Experience Master Thesis project The Spiral of Life focuses on the idea of understanding life, its source and cycles, as a reference point and example for the divine fingerprints of music creation and its beauty. There are many technical aspects to consider for music making nowadays, and composing, now more than ever, can be considered a craft as much as an art made through the act of unconscious channeling. This reflection paper focuses on the creative process, music production skills and techniques, qualities that a composer specifically trained for the purpose of scoring for visual media must have, and challenges they face on a daily basis. The paper contains of xxx chapters that thoroughly describe all phases of the creative, production and post production process, and explains how it all works together starting from scratch - an inspiration, a single motif, connecting musical ideas and building a climax while maintaining the overall structural arc, using technology as a tool to record, produce, edit, mix, and master the composition for visual media or narration. The outlook for success and psychological profile of a composer in media business also represent an important aspect and relevant point for discussion and analysis in the paper.

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The Spiral of Life