Our Planet: The Search for Structure

Our Planet: The Search for Structure


Arun Mangrulkar



In this reflective paper, I address the philosophical quandaries that I have confronted this year as I learned to adapt to this industry of music for visual media. The Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games program at Berklee culminates in a final project requiring the student to compose, orchestrate, conduct, and produce a three-minute score for a full symphony orchestra to be set either to picture or to a narrative. The cue was recorded at AIR Studios with some of the finest orchestral musicians in the world. I decided to dedicate my project to spreading the message about the importance of renewable energy. I re-scored a video from the World Wildlife Foundation about the melting of the ice caps in hopes that it will draw attention to the impact of our economy’s actions on the environment and the effective and ineffective methods of combatting this very real climate crisis. In tackling this cue, I was forced to draw on every single skill I worked to develop during these extremely intense nine months at Berklee. I've had struggles with mental health, with imposter syndrome, with work inefficiency, and with time management. During this year, I have worked to develop skills to combat all of these much more effectively than I ever could before. These skills were put to the test in this project, and I am quite satisfied by the findings.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Our Planet: The Search for Structure