The Odyssey

The Odyssey



This project describes the pre-production, composition process, recording at Air Studios, and post-production of an orchestral piece based on the narrative of some parts of the ancient Greek poem The Odyssey. In doing so, I applied the knowledge and techniques I learned this year in my master's program in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games.In this process, I tried to find three different musical atmospheres to develop my compositional skills in three different musical genres. In this master thesis, I will talk about the technical steps I took to create a midi mockup, the analysis of the musical themes I composed for this piece, and the orchestral techniques I used in some passages. I will try to use my words to take you on my trip to London, where I had the wonderful experience of recording and conducting my piece at Air Studios. I will also show you the post-production process I follow when mixing and mastering an orchestral piece. Finally, I will show you how I worked with an illustrator to create images for a piece of music based on a story. I hope this project will inspire future students to pursue an idea that motivates them to make music and work to make it happen.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


The Odyssey; musical themes; orchestral techniques

The Odyssey