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This final project for the Scoring for Film, Television and Videogame’s Masters (SFTV) at Berklee Valencia, consists of a score for a 3 min. video of timelapses and drone takes by the Guatemalan astrophotographer Sergio Montúfar, which will be included in a documentary called “La Antigua Guatemala Suspendida en el Tiempo” (Antigua Guatemala, suspended in time), recorded at the lockdown, and produced and directed also by Montúfar. The video scored is a chronological collage of different footage of the Guatemalan town of Antigua Guatemala and its surroundings, from early morning to midnight; it’s worth mentioning that the nature of the video is temporary as the photographer is going to do a re-edit based on the final version of the cue. This paper describes my overall process, from the initial approach to the whole Culminating Experience (CE), the analysis of the video, the dissection of its thematic and musical construction and some brief details about the recording and the postproduction of the result, a 3-movement little suite, called “Timelapse Antigua”.

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Timelapse Antigua': A little suite for timelapses and drone takes of Antigua Guatemala