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Finding Haku represents the culmination of what I have learned at Berklee. This paper aims to reflect and analyse how I approached my time here at Berklee and what I did to prepare for the final stage of the program that is recording at AIR studios with a world class orchestra. Although the pressure and responsibility felt immense at times, the process of creating a piece to record was incredibly enriching and exciting. From the early stages of looking for a project to score, to standing in front of the orchestra I will reflect upon each step taken over the previous months. Through the analysis of my piece you will see the musical and narrative decisions I made as well as the struggles and realisations I made along the way. There were many composers and artists that inspired me to compose Finding Haku, I’m sure much of it subconsciously. I’ve included some of the most important inspirations and how they informed my writing process.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Finding Haku: A Rescore of Spirited Away