Moon Jelly: A Journey to Find My Musical Color

Moon Jelly: A Journey to Find My Musical Color


Sue (Jinny) Lee



This project describes the process of creating music by MIDI, having a live recording session at AIR Studios, and the post-production of mixing. Moon Jelly is a project that I implied most of what I have learned in my past 10 months at Berklee Valencia as a master’s student. Every music that I write for new projects could always be done better and improved in any way after looking back to it, which I think is a natural thing that happens to a lot of composers including my peers. However, for this project I was able to reach the point where I was satisfied enough with the result considering the provided environment. The provided environment here meaning not only the unexpected external obstacles but also the internal struggles which will be described shortly. As a classically trained person for half of my life, there was not a limit or an end for learning which tremendously helped me as a starting composer. However, this had a snowball effect on me which at some point I was clearly overwhelmed while not noticing it. I have always had to spend more time trying to run away from the ‘predictable’, ‘obvious’, and ‘simple’ progression subjectively judged by myself in my own circle. After this short but long thesis project I am now realizing that I do not have to run away from it, but I honestly can’t say that I have figured out the solution for this yet. I am sure that it will take a while for me to find the exact answer if there is one, but I see myself at the end of that tunnel soon.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Film scoring; composition; orchestration; MIDI; live recording

Moon Jelly: A Journey to Find My Musical Color