Sonotherapy in the Reduction of Anxiety and Postoperative Pain in Patients With Regional Anesthesia as a Sole Technique: Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial


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OBJECTIVE: To determine if sonotherapy reduces the anxiety level and postoperative pain in adults undergoing outpatient orthopedic surgery under regional anesthesia. METHOD: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 80 adult patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, 40 received intervention with sonotherapy and 40 did not receive it. Pain, anxiety in the preoperative period, immediate postoperative, high, 24 and 48 hours later were measured. Hemodynamic parameters were measured in four moments. RESULTS: No significant differences were found between the two groups in the pain scales neither anxiety. A significant reduction of the systolic blood pressure was observed after the application of sonotherapy and in recovery. There was no difference in other hemodynamic variables such as heart rate, respiratory rate, arterial oxygen saturation or diastolic blood pressure between groups, however, the observed changes in some of them occurred faster in the intervention group. CONCLUSIONS: In adult patients undergoing outpatient orthopaedic surgery under regional anaesthesia, sound therapy is a novel strategy that significantly reduces systolic blood pressure, considered as an indicator of decreased anxiety. However, in our study, no difference could be demonstrated in terms of pain control or the need for additional sedation or analgesia.

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Analgesic Intake; Anxiety; Anxiety Scales; Blood Pressure; Heart Rate; Hospital Setting; Medication Use; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Orthopedic Surgery; Oxygen Saturation; Pain; Pain Management and Control; Pain Score or Rating; Postoperative Pain; Postoperative Patients; Recorded Music Listening; Respiratory Rate; Sedative Intake; Self-Report Measures; Surgery; Surgical Patients; Vital Signs

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Adolescents; Algorithms; Ambulatory Surgical Procedures; Opioid Analgesics; Anesthesia, Conduction; Anxiety; Blood Pressure; Combined Modality Therapy; Double-Blind Method; Hemodynamics; MP3-Player; Orthopedic Procedures; Pain Management; Pain Measurement; Postoperative Pain; Postoperative Care; Preoperative Care; Adulto; Ambulatory care; Ansiedad; Anxiety; Atención ambulatoria; Bloqueo nervioso; Clinical trial; Dolor; Ensayo clínico; Musicoterapia; Nerve block; Pain

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Quantitative Methods; Randomized Controlled Trial

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