It All Starts With a Song

It All Starts With a Song


Carolina Magini


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The purpose of my project is to forge an identity as a songwriter, composing songs and presenting them in the most stripped and pure version, removing all of the elements that surround a song to deliver them in a very distilled format. An underlying intention is to differentiate from other artists through unifying songwriting, singing and production skills. Firstly, I chose three tunes I wrote in the past that had really strong potential as pure compositions; I analysed and deconstructed them and I reworked their form, lyrics and melody (recreation process). In the second stage, I recorded a new version of the songs using a piano/vocal arrangement. Then, I processed my own vocals to make them sound the best using eq, compression, reverb, delay, etc. Because of this project, I grew as a vocalist, as a songwriter, and as a vocal producer. The design of the processes proposes a path that could be pursued by different professional profiles in the music industry that may need to rebuild existing material through reflecting over their own work or work done by others.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


songwriting; analysis; self-reflection; deconstruction; recreation


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.mp4), audio files (ZIP file containing 3 .wav files).

It All Starts With a Song