Meditations: Exercising Perspective

Meditations: Exercising Perspective


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Meditations is an attempt to reconcile myself with all that I’ve learned over the course of this year into a cohesive, expressive project that will continue to grow well-beyond the confines of my time spent at Berklee and propel me towards realizing my lifelong dreams. Meditations is a music methodology that repurposes world rhythms played on indigenous drums for arrangement on a scaled instrument. The arrangements themselves are minimalistic, but hold immense potential for further development; various applications of this methodology are investigated throughout this project in the form of multiple objectives, and in doing so I have developed skills that will aid me throughout the duration of my career in music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


World Rhythm; Methodology; Potential; Application


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), performance video (.mp4), audio files (ZIP file containing 8 .wav files).

Meditations: Exercising Perspective