Fusion Explorations from a Jazz Perspective

Fusion Explorations from a Jazz Perspective


Michael Casey



In my efforts to be progressive for myself as an artist (compared to my past work), and to not simply settle for my previous experiences playing jazz fusion, I set out to challenge myself (in most cases) by fusing more styles per song (or elements from a style) than just one with jazz concept, and additionally to keep the jazz foundation an integral part. I believe that often “jazz fusion” of the last 10 or so years (especially the more “popular” the artist) seems to lacks the spontaneity, freedom, deep group communication/call and response, sense of urgency, edge, looseness of beat, relaxed delivery, swagger, and fearless risk-taking/experimentation that jazz (and older forms of jazz fusion) is built on. I searched for a way, both in composition design and concept, to truly balance the “jazz” part with elements of more than 1 style, often taking cues from outside the USA.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Jazz fusion; cross cultural; saxophone; jazz; composition


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 7 .wav files), lead sheets (ZIP file containing 7 .pdf documents).

Fusion Explorations from a Jazz Perspective