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Kyle Langlois



A prioritized objective of mine is to convey emotion through honest and open discussion of various topics through my lyrics and music; I have held this mindset since I began songwriting in high school and throughout undergrad, but this Master’s program has encouraged me to continue on, dig deeper into my past and my memories, and create new music that would emit strong feelings, which in turn would be relatable to my audiences. This project sees me working on a self-produced studio album in order to further explore my lyrical voice and technological skills; in addition, I am creating a live show to promote and showcase the album, but the concert will be solely comprised of me using a loop pedal and different instruments on stage, allowing me to build arrangements in live time on my own. With the resources, materials and people here at Berklee Valencia, I can push my own developmental limits and continue along in my artistic journey.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


songwriting; producing; performing; arranging; loop pedal


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 10 .wav files), artwork (.pdf), lyrics sheet (.pdf), performance video (.mp4).

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