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The purpose of this project was to study, preserve and create traditional Colombian music with a contemporary approach. The outcome includes this reflective document and an EP titled ‘Cultivar Raíces’, consisting of four songs in the genre of Bambuco and Pasillo. In the deliverables, it is embedded the learning experience of my journey on approaching this type of music and understanding it, maintaining an important emphasis on vocal performance and music production as key aspects for the approach. As a part of the process, the conclusions roam around the importance of understanding the genres and where they come from (social, geographical, and historical implications), rather than trying to comprehend them solely with musical analysis. Finally, collaboration is approached and becomes an important part of developing the unique sound for the recordings, accompanied by vocal exploration, which was key for the music to fit in with the genres and have a contemporary sound.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: paper (.pdf), presentation (.mp4), EP (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), scores (ZIP file containing 7 .pdf documents), interviews (ZIP file containing 2 .mp4 files).

Cultivar Raíces: Contemporary Traditional Colombian Music