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Since my childhood, I have experienced the colorful and bright heritage of my culture, the Hungarian folk music. While I consider myself a jazz musician, my undergraduate and graduate studies at Berklee College of Music made me realize that music is exactly like a language. No matter which style a player dedicates himself to, without the knowledge of one’s mother tongue the products we create will never be fully ours. Throughout my academic years, several professors were encouraging me to discover what the Eastern European tradition has for me musically, and bring that to surface. This project is about bringing Hungarian folklore into the contemporary music scene in terms of both instrumental playing and arranging, composing, and producing. My research already began in my undergraduate years, but the great collection of my discoveries are expressed in this project for the first time. My thesis moves around one ethnic area of Hungary called Gyimes (located in Transylvania) out of multiple other ones. So to say, this is definitely just the beginning of a life-long journey that I started in this academic environment.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Jazz; Ableton; Hungarian Folklore; Electric Bass; Electronic Music


Project Components: paper (.pdf), audio files (ZIP file containing 7 .wav files), sheet music (ZIP file containing 4 .pdf documents), performance video (.mp4).

Funkifying the Gyimes