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Light Years is a project that showcases all the new skills I have gained from Berklee Valencia’s Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games Program. As my craft continues to develop, it is imperative that I take advantage of these new compositional techniques that my professors were gracious enough to teach me. One of the most valuable lessons they taught me was the importance of truly capturing the mood of the film’s trajectory through our own soundtracks. I sought to achieve this motive when scoring Light Years, where I was challenged to experiment with using certain instrument groups, like the brass section, to add texture and warmth to the piece despite their brazen, bombastic tonalities. This dreamlike quality to the music played an important role, especially because I dealt with an animation short film. My thesis discusses my entire process for this project, including my sources of inspiration and my experience recording at the legendary AIR Studios.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Light Years: Composing A Dreamy, Nostalgic Soundscape