ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Music Inclusion for All, Adrian Anantawan

Creating Spaces So Everyone Can Participate, Rebecca Cokley

Figure On Diversity: Benefits of Life Drawing and Representation in Arts Education, Angela DeCarlis


Music Literacy: Who Are We Including?, Sara Fard

Critical Disability Studies: Implications for Justice-Oriented Arts Education, Jenna Gabriel

The Importance of Anti-Ableist Perspectives in Preservice Art Education: A Post-Session Interview with Jenna Gabriel and Anh Ha, Jenna Gabriel and Ahn Ha


Inspire Student Confidence and Independence through Perseverance and Growth in the Arts, Adam Goldberg


Using Design Examples in Arts Courses as On-Going Advocacy for Inclusion in Art and Design Teaching and Projects, Samantha Goss

When They See Us: Intersectionality and Ableism in Special Education, Aliza Greenberg and Alyssa Liles-Amponsah

Advancing Equity Through Reasonable Accommodation in Music Education, Sanna Kivijärvi and Pauli Rautiainen

A DisCrit Perspective on Music Education: Considerations for Intersectional Change, Erica Knapp


Creating Accessibility in Classical Music Institutions, Erin Parkes

Creating Safe and Engaging Inclusive Music Performances, Erin Parkes

Erasure and Importance of Disabled Artists/Teachers in Arts Education, Ellice Patterson


What Does Inclusion Truly Look Like, and Who Gets to Decide?, Elizabeth Staal

Disability Objectification in Media, Miles Wilcox