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Please note, some items contain out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use within the BIAAE. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.


ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Advancing Equity Through Reasonable Accommodation in Music Education, Sanna Kivijärvi and Pauli Rautiainen

A DisCrit Perspective on Music Education: Considerations for Intersectional Change, Erica Knapp


An Investigation of Music Educator Perceptions of Pre-Service Teacher Training, Current Pedagogical Practices, and Professional Development Related to Teaching Music to Students with Disabilities, Shannon Laine

From Creation to Performance of an Original Multi-Sensory Show for Children with Special Needs, Rachel Lim

Traveling Music Teacher's Toolkit, The, Marlene Markard

Autism, Technology, and Music: Alternative Ways of Composing and Performing Music, Tomas Marquez

Exploring the Teaching Strategies and Techniques Used by Music Teachers of Students with Autism, Tomas Marquez


Celebrating Neurodiversity through Musical Composition, Rory McLeod


RockOnMusicSchool Student Survey: Measuring Success, David Meyers and Marlene Markard

Low-Cost Adaptive Tools & Strategies for Visual Art Teachers, Krisitn Mohan

Anxiety-Reducing Drawing Activities: Introduction to the Data Colletion Process, Alexandra Montgomery

Whole Body Learning: Making Trauma Informed Education Universal, Abby Neale

Beyond Sensory Friendly: The Music Circle Program, Erin Parkes


Creating Accessibility in Classical Music Institutions, Erin Parkes

From Sound to Symbol: Using Devised Notation and Composition in an Inclusive Music Classroom, Sarah Perry

Towards an Understanding of the Creative Generation: New Frameworks for Arts Education for Students with Disabilities, Jeff M. Poulin

The Power of Play: Effective Strategies for Teaching Drama to Learning Challenged Populations, Shea Schatell

Mindfulness for Children with Exceptionalities: Linking Research and Teaching, Sheila Scott

It's a Wonderful World: With Music the Arts Making Life Better for All, Stephen Shore

Sing to Say, Neil Smolar

Arts-Based Education: Key to Success, Elise Sobol

Legally Yours: The Child Find Mandate, Elise Sobol

Milestones: How We Made a Digital Orchestra and Flew It from Scotland to Singapore, Peter Sparkes

Feeling Lost in a Sea of Accommodations, Elisabeth Staal


What Does Inclusion Truly Look Like, and Who Gets to Decide?, Elizabeth Staal