Content Disclaimer

Please note, some items contain out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use within the BIAAE. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.


ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Act for Advocacy, Wendy Duke and Ruben Ryan

Secondary Instrumental Music Inclusion, Julie Duty

Rethinking Language: Exhaustive Translation in Dance as an Inclusive Creative Tool in Dance Education, Sydney Erlikh and Silva Laukkanen

Stretching Aesthetics, Shifting Pedagogies: Practical Strategies for Engaging Music Learners with Profound Disabilities, Ryan Michael Evans

Teaching Music Literacy Through the Guitar Elective: A Differentiated Approach, Sarah Fard

Call to Action: Disabled Parents in the Arts, Fran Flaherty and Ruth Fabby

Critical Disability Studies: Implications for Justice-Oriented Arts Education, Jenna Gabriel

Easy as Zip! Zap! Zop! Differentiating, Accommodating, and Modifying Theater Instruction for Students with Autism, Jenna Gabriel

The Importance of Anti-Ableist Perspectives in Preservice Art Education: A Post-Session Interview with Jenna Gabriel and Anh Ha, Jenna Gabriel and Ahn Ha

Share Your Passion: The Road to Transformative Student Experience, Adam Golberg

Teaching is Activism! Implementing the Arts as catalyst to accessing a deeper understanding of equity and our universal interconnectedness, Adam Goldberg

The Musicians in Our Midst; The Hows and Whys of Supporting Student Music Making with Technology, Adam Goldberg

When They See Us: Intersectionality and Ableism in Special Education, Aliza Greenberg and Alyssa Liles-Amponsah

At the Intersection of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design, Alicia Greene and Celia Watson

Parenting Stress in Chinese Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sai Guo

Individualized Artist Success Plan: An Asset-Based Perspective on Dis/Ability, The, Christopher Hall

What Are We Teaching Teachers: A Call to Reimagine Inclusivity in Art Education, Christopher Hanson

Disability Justice in University Theatre Programs, Carson Hebblethwaite and Amanda Masterpaul

Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (MDW): All Stars Inclusive Band, Beate Hennenberg

Harmony of Diverse Voices: A Personal Narrative from Inside a Mixed-ability Choir, Rita Hoffman


The Lived Expereines of Adult Musicians with Dyscalculia: Implications with Practice in K-12 Settings, Sheerin Hosseini

Antoine Hunter: Keynote Presentation, Antoine Hunter

A Capella Intonation Success with Harmonic Sound Models, Geoffrey Keith

Color-Coding for Success: Unlocking the Power of the Color-Score, Geoffrey Keith

Beatboxing as Music Education for Students with Disabilties: Bringing Education and Art Together (BEAT), James Kim and Johnny Buffalo