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Please note, some items contain out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use within the BIAAE. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.



NYPhil kids, SymphonyWorks/MoonRoad LLC


Mr. Tan's Music Classroom, B. Tan


Good Ear,


Online Learning Experiences,

ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Assessing Inclusive Teaching Practices, Mia Branco

Modifying and Adapting Music Education Curriculum for Students with High Support Needs, Nadia Castagna

Early Childhood Music for Students with Special Needs, Nadia Castagna and Miles Wilcox

Secondary Instrumental Music Inclusion, Julie Duty

Stretching Aesthetics, Shifting Pedagogies: Practical Strategies for Engaging Music Learners with Profound Disabilities, Ryan Michael Evans


Music Literacy: Who Are We Including?, Sara Fard


Inspire Student Confidence and Independence through Perseverance and Growth in the Arts, Adam Goldberg

Teaching is Activism! Implementing the Arts as catalyst to accessing a deeper understanding of equity and our universal interconnectedness, Adam Goldberg

The Musicians in Our Midst; The Hows and Whys of Supporting Student Music Making with Technology, Adam Goldberg

What Are We Teaching Teachers: A Call to Reimagine Inclusivity in Art Education, Christopher Hanson


The Arts Make Education More Accessible for ALL Strategies and Techniques for Inclusion, Suzanne Joyal and Elise Sobol

A Capella Intonation Success with Harmonic Sound Models, Geoffrey Keith

Color-Coding for Success: Unlocking the Power of the Color-Score, Geoffrey Keith

Beatboxing as Music Education for Students with Disabilties: Bringing Education and Art Together (BEAT), James Kim and Johnny Buffalo

Advancing Equity Through Reasonable Accommodation in Music Education, Sanna Kivijärvi and Pauli Rautiainen

A DisCrit Perspective on Music Education: Considerations for Intersectional Change, Erica Knapp


Play, Music, and Autism, Sarah Kreider


An Investigation of Music Educator Perceptions of Pre-Service Teacher Training, Current Pedagogical Practices, and Professional Development Related to Teaching Music to Students with Disabilities, Shannon Laine

From Creation to Performance of an Original Multi-Sensory Show for Children with Special Needs, Rachel Lim

Traveling Music Teacher's Toolkit, The, Marlene Markard

Autism, Technology, and Music: Alternative Ways of Composing and Performing Music, Tomas Marquez